画像: 【煽り映像】クレベル・コイケ vs. 佐々木憂流迦 / 加藤ケンジ vs. 倉本一真 - RIZIN TRIGGER 2nd

【煽り映像】クレベル・コイケ vs. 佐々木憂流迦 / 加藤ケンジ vs. 倉本一真 - RIZIN TRIGGER 2nd





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Feb 23, 2022

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SPASHAN HPS presents RIZIN TRIGGER 2nd complete fight order

画像: SPASHAN HPS presents RIZIN TRIGGER 2nd complete fight order


Kleber Koike vs. Ulka Sasaki

画像: Kleber Koike vs. Ulka Sasaki

RIZIN MMA Rules 66.0kg / 145.5lb

Kleber Koike

Strong Points
Well Rounded | Grappling | Finish rate | Fight control

Ulka Sasaki

Strong Points
Wrestling | RNC | Back control | Reach

Kleber has gone undefeated in his 3 RIZIN appearances where Ulka has gone 2-3. Both fighters are labeled as grapplers but Kleber utilizes his Jiu Jitsu while Ulka uses his wrestling. Kleber has an extremely high finish rate and Ulka is the underdog. However, stylistically this fight is much closer than it seems. Ulka has the style where he utilizes presser to advance position and will not stay in Kleber’s guard where the BJJ blackbelt is most dangerous. What Ulka will have planned against Kleber’s variations will be interesting to watch. Kleber would want to dominate Ulka in every situation as stated and ask for a title shot, and Ulka would like to use this opportunity to meddle with the RIZIN Featherweight division.

Kenji Kato vs.Kazuma Kuramoto

画像: Kenji Kato vs.Kazuma Kuramoto

RIZIN MMA Rules 61.0kg / 134.8lb

Kenji Kato

Strong Points
Striking | Agressiveness | Fighting spirit | Fighti intuition

Kazuma Kuramoto

Strong Points
Physical Strength | Agility | German Suplex | G&P

Kato’s RIZIN debut was bitter sweet but he has proven himself where he belongs with 2 consecutive wins in RIZIN. He possesses great distance and bombs in both hands that can finish fights whenever they land. Kuramoto utilizes his wrestling pedigree to demobilizes his opponents and lands jackhammer ish ground and pound. Kuramoto suffered a loss in the Bantamweight GP but he did pay a high price for experience and knowledge. The key to this fight will be the size and reach difference. How will both fighters utilize / overcome this difference, will be something to look out for. Kato will want to stay outside where he can continue to throw his signature punches while Kuramoto will want to close distance and get the fight to the mat. TRIGGER series will be held in a cage and in this matchup, the cage will make a huge difference due to their styles.

Akira vs. Takumi Suzuki

画像: Akira vs. Takumi Suzuki

RIZIN MMA Rules 71.0kg / 156.5lb


Strong Points
Striking Power | Pressure | Forward pressure | Physical

Takumi Suzuki

Strong Points
Distance | Right kick | Plamn execution | Calm

Suzuki has great distance and he can use his ability of striking while going backwards against Akira, who charges in with wild punches. Akira wants to use his steps wisely to cut off the ring and close distance after backing his opponent up into the corner to secure a takedown. Akira has the significant physical strength advantage and will want to fatigue Suzuki with top pressure and ground and pound. Suzuki would want to utilize his ground skills he developed from Bonsai Jiu Jitsu once the fight hits the mat. Both fighters’ intentions are clear both standing and on the ground. The fighter who can keep focus during and after scrambles will be the one with the advantage.

Suguru Nii vs. Sora Yamamoto

画像: Suguru Nii vs. Sora Yamamoto

RIZIN MMA Rules 66.0kg / 145.5lb

Suguru Nii

Strong Points
Wrestling | Physical strength | Pressure | G&P

Sora Yamamoto

Strong Points
Grappling | Finish ability | Creativity

This matchup represents the concept of RIZIN TRIGGER. A veteran grappler vs a prospect grappler. Nii lost to a great veteran in his RIZIN debut but he left a great impact with his power and explosiveness. Yamamoto fought a rough fight against a kickboxing champion who didn’t want to take risks. Both fighters are labeled as grapplers but Nii utilizes his power with every move he makes and Yamamoto uses technique and creativity. Nii will use his explosiveness on his feet, rushing in with heavy haymakers and Yamamoto will be the more active fighter when the fight hits the mat. Either way this fight will be all over the place full of action and truly a fun fight to watch. The key to this fight will be how Yamamoto deals with Nii’s power. Both fighters will want to get the win and leave an impact at the same time. Which Featherweight will be deployed to the number series where an intense war is already taking place.

Kohei Tokeshi vs. Harry Stallone

画像: Kohei Tokeshi vs. Harry Stallone

RIZIN MMA Rules 73.0kg / 160.9lb

Kohei Tokeshi

Strong Points
Striking | Aggressive | Mentality | Durability

Harry Stallone

Strong Points
Arm lock | Mentality

Lethwei fighter Tokeshi steps into the green cage looking for his first victory in RIZIN against Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing practitioner Harry Stallone. Stallone has solid Jiu Jitsu skills but likes to strike and exchange and has an iron heart. Tokeshi has been through several wars in Lethwei and has a name in Myanmar. A striking battle between 2 bangers is a guaranteed firefight. The key to this fight is Tokeshi’s ability to defend once the fight goes to the ground. Stallone likes to utilize the double wrist lock on the ground and has the clear advantage on the ground. We shall see Tokeshi’s ability on the ground which will determine the outcome of this fight.

Katsutoshi Sasada vs. Mountain RYUGO

画像: Katsutoshi Sasada vs. Mountain RYUGO

Daisuke Endo vs. Hikaru Yoshino

画像: Daisuke Endo vs. Hikaru Yoshino

RIZIN MMA Rules 62.0kg / 136.7lb

Daisuke Endo

Strong Points
Well rounded | Striking | Plan execution | Experience

Hikaru Yoshino

Strong Points
Physical strength | Grappling | Stamina

A fight between a seasoned veteran and a young prospect. Endo will be entering his 15th year as a professional fighter and has been through several battles in various promotions. Yoshino is a young prospect who has fought in many local promotions and will finally be making his promotional debut and utilizes his Judo background to take the fight to the ground with many variations of trips and throws. Endo has the clear advantage in experience and fight IQ while Yoshino has the edge in physical strength and grappling. How will Yoshino deal with Endo’s crisp striking and experience. The key to this fight will be the cage and stamina. Yoshino’s style is fit for the cage and he will utilize his cage wrestling skills to his advantage. Endo has several aspects to win this fight, but ring rust and stamina is something that is concerning. Who will bring the new sensation to the RIZIN Bantamweight division, the veteran or the prospect?

Katsushi Kojima vs. Kouki Nakagawa

画像: Katsushi Kojima vs. Kouki Nakagawa

RIZIN MMA Rules 66.0kg / 145.5lb

Katsushi Kojima

Strong Points
Aggresive | Striking | Brawler

Kouki Nakagawa

Strong Points
Right cross | Grappling strength | Ground control

Both fighters have been building experience in local events. Kojima likes to throw heavy strikes and takes initiative during striking exchanges. Nakagawa is a young prospect who utilizes his Judo background from the clinch. Kojima wants to utilize his experience and dictate the pace with aggressive strikes from the beginning. Nakagawa needs to weather the early storm and stay calm to fight where he is most comfortable at. They key to this fight will be experience. Nakagawa has 9 professional fights but has dropped 2 in a row against experienced fighters while Kojima has been on a roll with a 3 fight winning streak with 2 TKO finishes. Which one will take advantage of this opportunity to take their career to the next step.

Takuma Uchiyama vs. Kotetsu Hara

画像: Takuma Uchiyama vs. Kotetsu Hara

RIZIN MMA Rules 61.0kg / 134.8lb

Takuma Uchiyama

Strong Points
Physical strength | Distance

Kotetsu Hara

Strong Points
Striking | Agility | Well rounded

A fight between 24 year-olds. Uchihyama is built with a strong body and would like to utilize this opportunity on the big stage held in his home town. Hara has a Karate background and has practiced several other combat sports before getting into MMA which makes him an extremely well-rounded prospect. Both fighters have had their fair share of experience in the amateur circuit so expect a high-level fight from these 2 young fighters. Hara utilizes his long reach to pick his opponents apart from a distance and can take the fight to the ground if necessary. Uchiyama creeps up on his opponent using feints and times his attacks. The fight between 2 young prospects will determine the future of Japan’s Bantamweight division.

Yuuki Kitagawa vs. Koki Takeuchi

画像: Yuuki Kitagawa vs. Koki Takeuchi

MASANARI vs. Taiki Matsui

画像: MASANARI vs. Taiki Matsui

Taiki vs. Kota Nakagawa

画像: Taiki vs. Kota Nakagawa

Yudai Ito vs. Momoto

画像: Yudai Ito vs. Momoto


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