Hamamatsu - February 22nd, RIZIN had weigh-ins for this Wednesday’s RIZIN TRIGGER 2nd card.





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Yudai Ito vs. Momoto

画像: Yudai Ito vs. Momoto

Yudai Ito (59.65kg)

“I love to eat when I don’t have a fight booked” “I am blown away to be able to fight on such a stage for my second fight so I will do my best not to let down people who worked hard to get me here.” “The theme for my fight? I always go in there to knock my opponent out.” “I’ve been given the privilege to kick off the event so I plan to do my job and put on a fun fight that will please the crowd.” “I started off my fighting career with boxing so look out for my hands.”

MOMOTO (60.00kg)

“I know how to bake a good cake.” “The reason why I became interested in being a pastry chef is because eating sweet pastry after the weight cut and a hard fight was something out of this world.” “I stepped away from the sport before, but after making my return, I’m currently on a 2 fight losing streak so I plan to use this opportunity to turn my career around.”

Taiki vs. Kota Nakagawa

画像: Taiki vs. Kota Nakagawa

Taiki (58.90kg)

“I like to go on a shopping spree on my days off.” “I articulate well and can have a conversation with anybody.” “I love to scrap and will put on the most exciting performance tonight. My goal is to headline events at the big stage.” “I want big names. I will take them out one by one.” “Remember my name, I will not disappoint.”

Kota Nakagawa (58.80kg)

“This is a big stage for me but I’m trying not to let that fact get into my head. I’m going in there with the regular mindset.” “Many people have reached out to me after the announcement of my participation in RIZIN. Since its a local I will have many friends and family come support” “My opponent is the DEEP champion, he's a southpaw and he fights with intelligence.”

MASANARI vs. Taiki Matsui

画像: MASANARI vs. Taiki Matsui

Masanari (57.85kg)

“I’ve been in several streetfights and have a strong mentality and will never back down.” “RIZIN has been my dream stage for quite some time but with me running my business and all, it has been hard to commit to the fight game. But due to good and trustworthy employees I was able to take time off of work and focus on fight camp for this upcoming fight.” “My staff are all rooting for me and I’ve received so much support from people around me and this fight itself has already made me appreciate the people around me. Now it’s my turn to return the favor and go home with the win.” “My hometown city has not seen too much combat sports action lately so I want to get a big win here and bring back the momentum to my home town.” “My opponent is undefeated throughout his competitive career, and I plan to be the first one to make him taste defeat.”

Taiki Matsui (58.00kg)

“I’ve practiced Karate all my life. I’ve only started to kickbox since highschool. I’ve had tons of amateur fights and now I’m ready for professional competition. I will become the next Champion.” “I’m very excited to be here today. I’ve done everything needed to get the win so I am ready to take back a win in front of my hometown fans.” “My opponent has good short punches so this will be a fight between kicks and punches.”

Yuuki Kitagawa vs. Koki Takeuchi

画像: Yuuki Kitagawa vs. Koki Takeuchi

Yuuki Kitagawa (64.80kg)

“This was put together last minute and I don’t have to cut too much weight so I feel okay.” “I know I don’t have the strongest chin, but after watching my last fight now I know exactly what to do to win a fight.” “I’ve had the desire to to fight in the cage so this made perfect sense for me. I’m very eager to be fighting in the cage under kickboxing rules.” “My opponent is technical and he can fight well with both stances. And his cornerman has a very high pitched voice and I’m concerned that that voice will interrupt my focus during the fight.”

Koki Takeuchi (65.00kg)

“I like to throw leg kicks and slow my opponents down and then go full on scrap mode.” “I hope to utilize this opportunity to put my name out there. Hopefully this fight triggers my career in a good way.” “My goal for this year is to go undefeated. I know that my gym mate has knocked out this opponent in the past so I can’t lose to him.” “My opponent doesn’t possess any real threats and he just looks like he lacks confidence.” “I will see how the feeling out process goes, but I can see myself finishing him early, and I can also see the fight going full rounds.” “I didn’t even consider the platform being the cage until now. Now that I actually think about it, it’s quite concerning. I heard that the cage has more space but I’m not the type who runs so I should be okay.”

Takuma Uchiyama vs. Kotetsu Hara

画像: Takuma Uchiyama vs. Kotetsu Hara

Takuma Uchiyama (61.00kg)

“I’m very excited to be fighting on the NYE card. I’ve been watching the year end events for quite some time so actually being here is quite surreal.” “My opponent is an elite wrestler and I’ll probably get taken down. But I think my experience will be able to shine against him and I will work on my striking and aim for a knockout.” “My last fight was a kickboxing fight and that reconfirmed my striking skills, and although I lost, I regained my confidence.” “He may be a confident athlete, but I don’t think MMA is something you get good at in 1 year and I plan to show him that.”

Kotetsu Hara (60.60kg)

“I just had my birthday but I’m used to being busy at the end of the year so I haven’t been celebrating it for quite some time.” I made my debut last year on NYE and lost the fight and suffered a serious injury and couldn't practice for 6 months. That period really sucked and ate me up mentally. But I was able to overcome that with my first win in my last fight so we’ll see how good I really am.” “My opponent is an experienced fighter and very well balanced. He may be a better striker than me but I’m better at everything else. As long as I am careful on my feet I should have no problem.” “1 takedown is what I need. I will finish the fight with that 1 takedown, he will experience power and pressure he has never experienced before.”

Katsushi Kojima vs. Kouki Nakagawa

画像: Katsushi Kojima vs. Kouki Nakagawa

Katsushi Kojima (65.65kg)

“I’m a brawler and always come to fight. I will entertain everybody who watches my fight.” “I’ve prepared myself to get the win. I’m very relaxed and excited to be able to fight in the RIZIN cage.” My goal is to bring our sport to my home city. I want to make a name for myself through this opportunity and introduce MMA to more people in the city where I live.” “I plan to dominate him with a flurry of strikes in a one sided beatdown.”

Kouki Nakagawa (65.95kg)

“My hobby is snowboarding and I’m pretty good at it.” “My go to move is the flying knee.” “I have struggled against experienced fighters in the past, but for this fight we have come up with a strategy and if I can stay calm and listen to my cornermen I am confident that we can get the win.” “I don’t have any impression of my opponent. He likes to scrap and is sloppy. I should have no problem if I execute my game plan.”

Daisuke Endo vs. Hikaru Yoshino

画像: Daisuke Endo vs. Hikaru Yoshino

Daisuke Endo (61.50kg)

“I like to use my right cross to set up everything” “Being introduced to martial arts was the best thing that has ever happened to me. It has changed my life and who I am. I have been dedicating myself to try to spread the sport and educate people on how great our sport is.” “I may not be young nor have what it takes to be a star, but I do have the experience and passion and love for this sport. I have some tricks hidden up my sleeve.” “I man with wisdom does not speak words but talks with his performance.” “The reason why I had a 3 year absence was due to the pandemic and I needed to focus on my business and teaching young fighters.” “My opponent is tough as an athlete but he’s still very green and I have a game plan to take advantage of it and expose his weaknesses.”

Hikaru Yoshino (61.80kg)

“Judo throws and trips are my go to move” “My idol is Khabib Nurmagomedov” “I’ve fought on various local promotions throughout my career and finally made it to RIZIN” “I had a great fight camp and I am more than ready to make my RIZIN debut” “I think I’m better at every aspect than my opponent. I’m a grappler but I think I can outstrike my opponent in this fight.” “I know that Judo throws can risk you getting your back taken but I have developed a technique to counter that maneuver which I like to call the Yoshino sweep.”

Katsutoshi Sasada vs. Mountain RYUGO

画像: Katsutoshi Sasada vs. Mountain RYUGO

Katsutoshi Sasada (92.65kg)

“I am big and a clumsy looking guy but I’m a great and safe driver. I actually drove 8 hours to get here.” “Every one of my strikes are devastating. I can finish the fight with anything I land.” “There haven’t been many heavyweight fights in RIZIN these days so I plan to bring the power and excitement into the RIZIN cage.”

Mountain Ryugo (95.70kg)

“The Ecopa Arena is the venue where Japan beat Ireland in the Rugby World cup. I was inspired in the stands back then, now I’m ready to inspire others sitting in the stands.” “I’ve been fighting in the local circuit for some time, but I want to use this opportunity to take my career to the next level and hopefully get some fights booked in Tokyo.” “He’s experienced and technical but I want to put heavy pressure on him and initiate the pace.”

Kohei Tokeshi vs. Harry Stallone

画像: Kohei Tokeshi vs. Harry Stallone

Kohei Tokeshi (72.85kg)

“I’ve had a good fight camp for this fight and can’t wait to get in there and show what I can really do.” “We all have good days and bad days. We have to work through the bad days to make the good days count. I want to shed light to the people who are having bad days. I want to inspire people on this big stage. For me fighting isn't about winning and losing. It’s about hope.” “I will have Kitaoka in my corner and he will be controlling me throughout the fight like a television game.” “I really want to utilize the face stomp. I mean people cheer when I step on my opponent's face. Who doesn’t want to utilize it?”

Harry Stallone (72.60kg)

“My hobbies are traveling / expanding my knowledge of coffee / looking for UFOs” “I’m a good cook” “Started Jiu Jitsu from 17 years old, and focused on MMA after I got my purple belt” “I have been kickboxing since I was 15 years old but I lost to an MMA fighter in a street fight and realized that in a real fight you need to have ground skills.” “My go to move is the arm bar” “My idol is Ryan Gracie. He literally comes to fight. That tough street mentality is something I look up to.” “I am a well rounded fighter and can fight wherever the fight goes. If he strikes I will grapple, if he tries to grapple I will strike.” “I expect this fight to be an all out brawl and the one who is fatigued first will lose.”

Suguru Nii vs. Sora Yamamoto

画像: Suguru Nii vs. Sora Yamamoto

Suguru Nii (65.80kg)

“I’ve learned a lot from my last fight and I’m very excited to be able to try out new things in this fight” “I plan to win this fight in a good way and work my way up in the Featherweight rankings.” “I’m focused on executing what I have been practicing since that fight, so I’m not too worried about who my opponent is and what he is planning.” “My last fight was the first time I have ever been submitted so it was very disappointing. I went back to the drawing board and have worked on my basics to become a well rounded fighter.”

Sora Yamamoto (65.90kg)

“I wasn’t satisfied with my last performance so I plan to do what I couldn’t do in my last fight, which is to be aggressive and go for the finish.” “My previous opponent Suzuki is now headlining the LANDMARK event so it motivates me to work harder and put on better fights.” “TRIGGER is a great concept for fighters like me who train in the suburbs so I want to be the one who gets the attention on the big stage and bring the popularity of our sport to my city.” “I think my opponent acts like a clown and has the opposite personality as I do. I would like to deny his existence by dominating him.”

Akira vs. Takumi Suzuki

画像: Akira vs. Takumi Suzuki

AKIRA (70.70kg)

“I am here to knock everybody out cold.” “I have the strongest abs in my division and he can try all he wants but he won’t be able to put a scratch on them and will get knocked out cold trying.” “My opponent is a good fighter but any fighter who is knocked out cold laying on the mat won’t possess a threat.” ”I predict the fight will begin, and he will be laying on the mat unconscious.” Bananas are the perfect superfood and can save the world. “My opponent probably has good technique but he doesn’t have the power to finish the submission. He won’t come close to getting a submission against me.” “There are several intriguing opponents in the current division and I look forward to facing them one by one and knocking them out cold.”

Takumi Suzuki (70.75kg)

“I have no hobbies because mixed martial arts is the only purpose of my life.” “I have my own style with my striking and the technique I’ve learned from Satoshi and Kleber” “AKIRA is known for having impeccable abs and it is said he cannot be hurt with a body shot, so I’m ready to take on that challenge.” “I found the love for the sport through training and wanted to dedicate myself to the sport. I quit my job and now am fully committed to MMA

Kenji Kato vs.Kazuma Kuramoto

画像: Kenji Kato vs.Kazuma Kuramoto

Kenji Kato (60.80kg)

“My last fight was a questionable stoppage from the referee so I plan to end this fight with a clear stoppage.” “The last time I fought in my home town Shizuoka I lost, and I haven’t forgotten that mortifying feeling. I will get the win this time.” “My opponent is a very tough fighter and I’m honored to be facing him. But I am going to do my thing and show the fans what they paid to see.” “The ground game has always been my weak point so I’ve been working on it lately. My opponent will 100% want to grapple with me so I’ll be ready for that. ” “I am not an athlete and don’t have that pedigree. So I am very excited to be able to fight an elite athlete in the cage.”

Kazuma Kuramoto (60.95kg)

“I’m in great shape and am fully ready to fight.” “I know that the TRIGGER series are meant for fighters trying to rebuild their career so it fits me perfectly right now. I lost in the first round of the Bantamweight GP so I am humbled and have been working harder.” “My opponent is a hard puncher and lacks ground technique.” “I have a game plan and if everything goes as planned I think everybody will end up seeing some nasty stuff” “Training with Ulka is nothing but an inspiration for me. He has his experience and method of training which has helped me tremendously.”

Kleber Koike vs. Ulka Sasaki

画像: Kleber Koike vs. Ulka Sasaki

Kleber Koike (65.75kg)

“Ulka is a good guy and a good fighter. Nothing special.” “My plan for this year is to beat Ulka, and then challenge for the division belt.” “There are rumors about a Featherweight GP but still not sure about it but if it happens, I want in and I will be taking that belt.” “He’s a decent fighter but not a threat to me, especially at Featherweight.”

Ulka Sasaki (65.85kg)

“I’m very excited about this fight in so many ways. It’s in my home prefecture against a fantastic opponent. It’s been hard to hold my excitement in but now I won’t have to hold anything back.” “The image for my hair this time is lightening.” “I tend to laugh things off when I’m mad, so me laughing at Kleber’s comments in the pre-fight video meant I was pretty angry.” “I remember the last time we competed against each other. Some things change and some things don’t change. I do have a win over him in grappling but that’s that and this is something different.” “I’m extremely focused on getting the win and I have come up with a solid plan to do so.”

SPASHAN HPS presents RIZIN TRIGGER 2nd complete fight order

画像: SPASHAN HPS presents RIZIN TRIGGER 2nd complete fight order


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