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Yogibo presents RIZIN.28

Jun 13, 2021

Doors are expected to open at 1:00PM with Opening Ceremony at 3:00PM(JST)

Tokyo Dome

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Kai Asakura vs Shooto Watanabe

画像: Kai Asakura vs Shooto Watanabe

RIZIN MMA TOURNAMENT Rules 61.0kg / 134.8lb

Kai Asakura

Strong Points
Striking Intuition | Boxing Skills | Fight IQ | Pressure

Shooto Watanabe

Strong Points
Takedowns | Grappling | Back control | Scrambles | Grittiness

Asakura, the favorite, chose Watanabe, who earned his place in the Grand Prix by beating a heavy favorite at RIZIN.27. Asakura's power, which has buried many foes, is a huge threat to Watanabe, who has no weapons in the stand-up. Watanabe needs to sneak around the striking & find the takedown. If Watanabe is too one-dimensional, Asakura will deal with him swiftly. Watanabe can find a way to win if he surprises Asakura. It remains to be seen if he is capable, especially against someone who handpicked him & is looking to challenge the world. Easy pickings, or a Cinderella story of the century?

Shintaro Ishiwatari vs Naoki Inoue

画像: Shintaro Ishiwatari vs Naoki Inoue

RIZIN MMA TOURNAMENT Rules 61.0kg / 134.8lb

Shintaro Ishiwatari

Strong Points
Well Rounded | Stamina | Fight IQ | Iron Heart

Naoki Inoue

Strong Points
Well Rounded | Boxikng skills | Grappling skills | Finisher

One of the best matchups in the GP first round. Inoue wants to prove his worth by picking the 2017 GP finalist. Ishiwatari puts his entire career on the line since he feels his career may end at any time. The key is the horizontal movement of Inoue. Ishiwatari masters diagonal movement to create his striking distance. Inoue can respond by moving laterally & forwards or backwards. Both of them are well rounded, so the fight will be tense and it will be a breathtaking match. Will it be the veteran who puts everything on the line, or will it be the next generation fighter?

Yuki Motoya vs Ryo Okada

画像: Yuki Motoya vs Ryo Okada

RIZIN MMA TOURNAMENT Rules 61.0kg / 134.8lb

Yuki Motoya

Strong Points
Striking | Fight Intuition | Fight IQ | Calmness

Ryo Okada

Strong Points
Well Rounded | Fight IQ | Ring Generalship | Shooto Loyality

RIZIN regular Motoya & Shooto champ Okada - who debuts in RIZIN - suddenly collide in the first round. Both are well-rounded and can adapt quickly. Motoya moves with animal-like intuition, while Okada is cerebral, thinking 2 or 3 steps ahead. Okada is on a 7-fight win streak and wants to prove Shooto's value by winning the Grand Prix. Motoya earned his spot in February, but has had mixed results the last 2 years. As 1 of the 4 bantamweight kings, he welcomes Okada to RIZIN. Will Okada will fight to win or fight to impress?

Hiromasa Ougikubo vs Takeshi"Kanten"Kasugai

画像: Hiromasa Ougikubo vs Takeshi"Kanten"Kasugai

RIZIN MMA TOURNAMENT Rules 61.0kg / 134.8lb

Hiromasa Ougikubo

Strong Points
Grappling | RNC | Fight IQ | Ground Controll


Strong Points
Well Rounded | Stamina | Grittyness | Pressure

A rematch from Vale Tudo Japan flyweight tournament in 2014, Ougikubo won the action packed match by a majority decision. 7 years on, it must be fate that the two fight again in RIZIN, up a weight class. Since then, Kasugai compiled a record of 12-4 (1 NC), while Ougikubo has gone 13-3. While both are strong on the ground, Kasugai is comfortable off his back and on top, while Ougikubo actively looks for the top position. If Kasugai gets top position, it's to his advantage. How can Kasugai's strength, which has been burning for 7 years to get to the big stage, be applied against his old foe Ougikubo?

Mikuru Asakura vs Kleber Koike

画像: Mikuru Asakura vs Kleber Koike

RIZIN MMA Rules 66.0kg / 145.5lb

Mikuru Asakura

Strong Points
Striking | Natrual instinct | Fight IQ | Calm cool and collected

Kleber Koikeo

Strong Points
Well Rounded | Grappling | Finish rate | Fight control


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