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Yogibo presents RIZIN.27

Mar 21, 2021 2:00PM(JST)


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Yogibo presents RIZIN.27 complete fight order

画像: Yogibo presents RIZIN.27 complete fight order


Ayaka Hamasaki vs Kanna Asakura

画像: Ayaka Hamasaki vs Kanna Asakura

RIZIN Woman's MMA Rules 49.0kg / 108.0lb

Ayaka Hamasaki

Strong Points
Experience | Grappling | Wrist control | Well rounded

Kanna Asakura

Strong Points
Wresting | Drive | Ground control | Grittiness

A rematch after nearly 2 and a half years serves as the first main of event for RIZIN's 2021 campaign. It remains to be seen who has improved more since the first battle. Has Hamasaki widened the gap, or has Asakura pulled ahead after a 5-1 streak since the rematch? Hamasaki seeks to further establish herself at the summit of the Super Atomweight division. It just took 9 minutes and 33 seconds in their last bout, but be sure to look for areas of improvement for both fighters from the first meeting.

Roberto Satoshi Souza vs Kazuki Tokudome

画像: Roberto Satoshi Souza vs Kazuki Tokudome

RIZIN MMA Rules 71.0kg / 156.5lb

Roberto Satoshi Souza

Strong Points
Jiu Jitsu | Submission skills | Ground control | Finish rate

Kazuki Tokudome

Strong Points
Well rounded | Aggressive | Experience | Fight control

A 4-fight UFC veteran with 14 years of experience under his belt makes his RIZIN debut against one of RIZIN's fiercest lightweights. Tokudome, the all-rounder with sharp straight rights and vicious uppercuts, while Souza, the world-class grappler who will look for the takedown. Even with his jiu-jitsu expertise, Souza has delivered some of RIZIN's best knockouts, and is yet to win by his pattented submission game. Can Tokudome's crafty striking game steal Souza's spot atop the lightweight division for a title shot against Musaev?

Koji Takeda vs Takasuke Kume

画像: Koji Takeda vs Takasuke Kume

RIZIN MMA Rules 71.0kg / 156.5lb

Koji Takeda

Strong Points
Wrestling | Physical strength | Ground control | Suplex

Takasuke Kume

Strong Points
Well rounded | Striking power | Fight control | Physical strength | Stamina

The two reigning champions of Pancrase & DEEP face off in Nagoya. Both won tough battles at RIZIN 24 to reach this showdown, to determine the strongest Japanese lightweight in RIZIN. The two well-rounded fighters with no obvious weakness can often lead to tentative gameplans. The one with the "win-at-all-costs" mentality rather than the "don't lose" mentality will win the battle & the hearts of the fans. Whoever initiates offensively will have the edge. Kume and Takeda have excellent records against fellow Japanese fighters. Although these streaks will end at RIZIN 27, the fight will be memorable.

Kleber Koike vs Kazumasa Majima

画像: Kleber Koike vs Kazumasa Majima

RIZIN MMA Rules 66.0kg / 145.5lb

Kleber Koike

Strong Points
Well Rounded | Grappling | Finish rate | Fight control

Kazumasa Majima

Strong Points
Grappling | Ground control | Submissin skills | Takedown

A showdown between two of the finest grapplers in Japan. Kleber is coming off a 1st round submission of the never-before finished Kyle Aguon, and jumped to the front of the line at featherweight with just 1 appearance in the RIZIN ring. Majima came up short against current champion Yutaka Saito, but he dominated the first round with tenacious grappling. Despite both being grapplers, they bring different qualities. Majima will look to take the top position & pound, while Kleber will play off of his back or sweep. The key is what will happen when Majima enters Kleber's guard, and the high-level scrambles.

Sudario Tsuyoshi vs Kazushi Miyamoto

画像: Sudario Tsuyoshi vs Kazushi Miyamoto

RIZIN MMA Rules 120.0kg / 264.6lb

Sudario Tsuyoshi

Strong Points
Physical strength | Athletism | Adoptability | Mental strength

Kazushi Miyamoto

Strong Points
Super Physical strength

Sudario made an impressive debut at RIZIN 24 under the tutelage of the legendary Enson Inoue, demonstrating solid fundamentals and showed high potential in his victory over Minowaman on New Years Eve. On the other hand, Miyamoto has made a name for himself as a superhuman wrestler. Miyamoto has been training with the goal of a victory in the RIZIN ring in mind, and wants to draw out something no one has seen Sudario overcome thus far - adversity. The fans will see Sudario's Yamato-damashii (Japanese spirit) in what will quite literally be his biggest test yet at the young age of 23. Watch out for a war.

Taiga vs Kanta Motoyama

画像: Taiga vs Kanta Motoyama

RIZIN Kickboxing Rules 61.0kg / 134.8lb


Strong Points
Torque | Power | Pressure | Agility

Kanta Motoyama

Strong Points
Distance | Jab | Left kicks | Reactions

Taiga has his first challenge of 2021. On the other hand, the 19-year-old Motoyama has had 7 pro fights & experienced overseas bouts. Taiga will have to will have to cut down Motoyama and get inside to negate the reach difference. Motoyama has great hand-eye coordination and evasive technique. Can Taiga succeed with in-fighting, or will Motoyama take advantage with his range? The key will be kicking & the distance where the fight takes place. Taiga wants to get back in the win column and Motoyama wants to take Taiga's once-bright starpower. Both fighters will different, but high motivations.

Tetsuya Seki vs Yoshinori Horie

画像: Tetsuya Seki vs Yoshinori Horie

RIZIN MMA Rules 66.0kg / 145.5lb

Tetsuya Seki

Strong Points
Aggressive | Scrambles | Pressure | Durability

Yoshinori Horie

Strong Points
Aggressive | Punch power | Fight control | Pressure

The 2nd generation of RIZIN featherweights sees two young sluggers with a combined KO percentage of 63%. Seki is the ZST champion and rides a 10-fight unbeaten streak, with an impressive KO victory in his RIZIN debut at RIZIN 22. Horie has competed at the top level within just 3 years of his MMA debut, and is now looking to make an even bigger name for himself in RIZIN's increasingly glamourous featherweight division. Even though they are both strikers, a key point will be openings for a takedown from either athlete. The mixup of a takedown in a standing battle can quickly change the momentum of a fight.

Kazuma Sone vs Shian

画像: Kazuma Sone vs Shian

RIZIN MMA Rules 61.0kg / 134.8lb

Kazuma Sone

Strong Points
Striking power | Experience | Striking Intuition | Aggressive | Mentality


Strong Points
Aggressive | Striking Intuition | Mentality | Pressure

Sone will want to take advantage of his experience to overcome Kansai's best striker. 'Shian' wants to have an immediate impact on RIZIN with his aggressive striking game. Both fighters are effective punchers, but Shian will make full use of his jab to close the distance and move forward. Sone is the crafty veteran with a dangerous ground game, and looks for his first win in 3 RIZIN apperances. The performance in this match will be important in determining who will be in the 16-man tournament later this year.

Shooto Watanabe vs Takumi Tamaru

画像: Shooto Watanabe vs Takumi Tamaru

RIZIN MMA Rules 61.0kg / 134.8lb

Shooto Watanabe

Strong Points
Takedowns | Grappling | Back control | Scrambles | Grittiness

Takumi Tamaru

Strong Points
Agility | Fight intuition | Grappling | Response | Scrambles

Tamaru, who won the annual Shooto MVP award - an organization where many stars were born - finally debuts in RIZIN. On the other hand, former FIGHTING NEXUS champion Watanabe wants to show his ability after a bittersweet debut last August. Tamaru is an all-rounder who can strike and grapple, and Watanabe is strong in the top position. Both fighters bring cat-like agility and flexibility, and a key point will be who wins the scrambles. Will it be the genius Tamaru, Shooto's treasure, or Watanabe, the son of the genius Shooto champion? Who will win and jump to the front of RIZIN's deepest division?

Yutaro Muramoto vs Seigo Yamamoto

画像: Yutaro Muramoto vs Seigo Yamamoto

RIZIN MMA Rules 57.0kg / 125.7lb

Yutaro Muramoto

Strong Points
Agility | Aggressive | Heart

Seigo Yamamoto

Strong Points
Aggressive | Striking intuition | Reach

The thug from ROAD FC comes down to RIZIN's flyweight division. Yamamoto has explosive power, a long reach and linear movement. Muramoto can hit angles from either side and also has power. The physical differences will be apparent, and Muramoto will want to close the distance without damage. The key in this fight will be Muramoto's grappling offense versus Yamamoto's takedown defense. Yamamoto will try to keep Muramoto at bay with combinations from distance, and Muramoto will want to clinch and chain wrestle. Expect a fast match with movements unique to the lightest and fastest weight class.

Syuto Sato vs Masayoshi Kunimoto

画像: Syuto Sato vs Masayoshi Kunimoto

RIZIN Kickboxing Rules 53.0kg / 116.9lb

Syuto Sato

Strong Points
Striking Intuition | Front kick | Combinations

Masayoshi Kunimoto

Strong Points
Front kick | Leg kick | Fight control

Despite being good at striking from long range, Sato is willing to get inside and fight close. Kunimoto, who makes his RIZIN debut, dominates from range with a plethora of weapons. Will it be a cycle of Sato closing the distance with punches and Kunimoto responding with kicks? The goddess of victory smiles at the one who reads the opponent and adapts. They don't want to lose in front of their local fans, and both fighters are full of ambition to leave a strong impression.

Riki Sakurai vs Riku Yoshida

画像: Riki Sakurai vs Riku Yoshida

RIZIN Kickboxing Rules 64.0kg / 141.1lb

Riki Sakurai

Strong Points
Aggressive | Pressure | Mentality

Riku Yoshida

Strong Points
Kicks | Distance | Fight intuition

What kind of reaction will be made between MMA fighter Yoshida, and power brawler Sakurai? Yoshida has his martial arts background in Karate, which gives him the striking heavy style and altough this will be his first fight under kickboxing rules he will constantly be athreat at any striking range. Sakurai brings his kill or be killed style to the ring and is constantly pressing forward throwing wild leather. Distance will be key to take initiative in this fight since bother fighters fight in a different range. The fighter who executes both calmness and boldness will be rewarded with leverage in this fight. Will this fight be a technical, or will it be a brawl? Let's all wait and see which field this fight will take place in.

Ryota Naito vs Hiroki

画像: Ryota Naito vs Hiroki

RIZIN Kickboxing Rules 55.0kg / 121.3lb

Ryota Naito

Strong Points
Fight control | Rythem | Core strength


Strong Points
Right head kick | Knees | Body kick

Both fighters make their RIZIN debut. Naito is the oldest of 3 brothers who are active in shoot boxing, and can't afford to lose in his hometown of Nagoya. Hiroki takes on all comers as he hails from Okinawa. Naito has an outstanding sense of stability and hits from various angles. Hiroki is extremely good at gauging distance and is always looking to finish with his right high kick and piercing knee. Naito puts pressure on the inside and Hiroki maintains a kicking distance. There's no doubt that the match will produce fireworks.

Kohei Sugiyama vs Yuki Ito

画像: Kohei Sugiyama vs Yuki Ito

RIZIN MMA Rules 57.0kg / 125.7lb

Kohei Sugiyama

Strong Points
Aggressive | Striking Intuition | Pressure | Mobility

Yuki Ito

Strong Points
Aggressive | Boxing | Left cross | Distance

Sugiyama is a striker who has shown his skills in the Pancrase battlefield. Ito has high level punching skills, and excels at feinting to draw his oppenent into his powerful left straight. There will be no doubt that the venue will be full of energy from these two electric strikers. Who will shoot first? Will they stand and bang? Who will be able to mix it up better? These matchups where fighters have the same expertise can lead to them adapating to their opponents weakness, or a fighter will simply use his strength against strength. Pay attention to the mental changes of the fighters.


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