SBC Shonan Beauty Clinic presents RIZIN.36

July 2nd, 2022

Doors are expected to open at 12:30PM with the Opening Ceremony at 2:00PM on July 2nd (Sat) at Okinawa Arena.

Okinawa Arena

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SBC Shonan Beauty Clinic presents RIZIN.36 complete fight order

画像: SBC Shonan Beauty Clinic presents RIZIN.36 complete fight order

Fight Card

Hiroaki Suzuki vs Ren Hiramoto

画像: Hiroaki Suzuki vs Ren Hiramoto

RIZIN MMA Rules 66.0kg / 145.5lb

Hiroaki Suzuki

Strong Points
Striking Power | Physical strength | Striking technique| Technical defense

Ren Hiramoto

Strong Points
Punch | power | Combinations | Pressure

An intense matchup between 2 solid strikers. Both fighters have transitioned from kickboxing and both fighters need to work on their ground game. Suzuki has the quick and devastating hooks and a jumping knee up the middle. Hiramoto has crisp straight hands that goes right through the pipe. Both fighters have great forward pressure and is interesting to see who takes the center of the ring first. The key to this fight is who has the better ground game. They may not need it, but simply mixing in takedown attempts during a striking exchange will make a big change. The one with more cards to play will have the advantage in this fight.

Miyuu Yamamoto vs. Saori Oshima

画像: Miyuu Yamamoto vs. Saori Oshima

RIZIN MMA Rules 49.0kg / 108.0lb

Miyuu Yamamoto

Strong Points
Wrestling | Physical strength | Explosiveness | Ground control

Saori Oshima

Strong Points
Clinch | Ground control | Core strength | Finish rate

Yamamoto will be making her 13th professional fight against the 2 divisional Champion Oshima. This fight is a classic Wrestling vs Judo matchup, but while Yamamoto’s strengths are all from top position, Oshima can be extremely aggressive off of her back with strikes and submission attempts. Power and explosiveness will be on Yamamoto’s side and technique and aggressiveness will be Oshima. Both fighters’ strengths on the ground may offset the ground game and turn into a striking battle. Whoever takes initiative on their feet will have a great advantage on dictating how the fight goes. Watch out for the striking battle from these accomplished grapplers.

Mitsuhisa Sunabe vs. Nobuyoshi Nakatsukasa

画像: Mitsuhisa Sunabe vs. Nobuyoshi Nakatsukasa

RIZIN MMA Rules 54.0kg / 119.1lb

Mitsuhisa Sunabe

Strong Points
Wrestling | Takedowns | Experience | Mentality

Nobuyoshi Nakatsukasa

Strong Points
Ground control | Ground & pound | Submission rate | Mentality

Former King of Pancrase and one of the top fighters representing the island of Okinawa returns to the ring after a fantastic fight in RIZIN’s first event in Okinawa. WARDOG strawweight Champion Nakatsukasa looks for his first win under the RIZIN banner. Both fighters train outside of the metropolitan area and have a clear reason why they step in the ring. Look out for lots of movement in fast scrambles utilizing their wrestling skills. Sunabe’s experience will be the key factor in this fight and what will Nakatsukasa have ready for the experienced veteran.

Kyle Aguon vs. Sora Yamamoto

画像: Kyle Aguon vs. Sora Yamamoto

RIZIN MMA Rules 66.0kg / 145.5lb

Kyle Aguon

Strong Points
Well rounded | Ground control | Fight control | Defense

Sora Yamamoto

Strong Points
Grappling | Finish ability | Creativity | Calm

The 21 year old Sora Yamamoto has forced his name to be recognized in RIZIN and now faces his first international fight and biggest test against Kyle Aguon. Both feel comfortable on the ground but Yamamoto likes to create opportunities by moving around while Aguon is tight and like to cease his opponent’s opportunities one by one. How will Yamamoto deal with Aguon’s chess like approach and how will Aguon deal with Yamamoto’s wild scrambles. This fight has potential of being a very exciting fight, or a very slow fight.

Shoji vs. Ji Yong Yang

画像: Shoji vs. Ji Yong Yang


Strong Points
Striking intuition | Striking technique | Experience | Mentality

Ji Yong Yang

Strong Points
Striking | Aggressive | Mentality | Pressure

Kohei Tokeshi vs. Atsushi Kishimoto

画像: Kohei Tokeshi vs. Atsushi Kishimoto

RIZIN MMA Rules 71.0kg / 156.5lb

Kohei Tokeshi

Strong Points
Striking | Aggressive | Mentality | Durability

Atsushi Kishimoto

Strong Points
Boxing skills | Striking power | Aggressive | Mentality

A battle between 2 strikers in an MMA bout. Lethwei fighter Tokeshi will be facing Kishimoto with a boxing pedigree. “Lethwei vs Boxing in MMA” is such a great catch and expect a lot of strikes thrown between these 2. Will this fight be a striking war with both fighters not backing down, or will they utilize all of their skillsets in this MMA fight. Both are south paws and some strategy will be needed and whoever works their left kick more, will have the advantage. Lets expect an absolute brawl.

Taiga vs. Soichiro Arata

画像: Taiga vs. Soichiro Arata

RIZIN Kickboxing Rules 61.0kg / 134lb

Yamato Fujita vs. Tatsuya So

画像: Yamato Fujita vs. Tatsuya So

RIZIN MMA Rules 57.0kg / 125.7lb

Yamato Fujita

Strong Points
Boxing skills | Agility | Reflex | Potential

Tatsuya So

Strong Points
Well rounded | Aggressive | Grappling | Ground control

Fujita will be making his RIZIN appearance after 5 years since making his MMA debut in the same ring. His opponent will be the veteran and local Okinawan So. So has not been finished in the past 10 years due to his high defensive skills and endurance. Fujita has made a significant improvement in the past 3 years and will be interesting to see how So will use his experience and techniques to deal with Fujitya’s power and explosiveness. So with advantage fighting at home, Fujita with the motivation on returning to RIZIN. Both fighters have a clear reason not to lose. Veteran vs Prospect matchup.

Yutaro Muramoto vs. BJ

画像: Yutaro Muramoto vs. BJ

RIZIN MMA Rules 57.0kg / 125.7lb

Yutaro Muramoto

Strong Points
Agility | Aggressive | Heart


Strong Points
Wrestling | Chokes | Reflex | Experience

RIZIN Flyweight Muramoto will be facing former Shooto 2 division Champion Kojima who will be making his return after a 7 year hiatus. Kojima has had a solid career from 2003 to 2015 while Muramoto made his debut in 2015. 2 careers that have never crossed paths will meet in the RIZIN ring. Kojima is an accomplished fighter and likes to utilize his wrestling to look for chokes. Muramoto utilizes his speed and footwork to throw his opponents off and look for the perfect timing to strike. How will ring rust effect Kojima and stamina. Look forward for great storyline between 2 fighters who were not supposed to cross paths.

Yuki Ito vs. Yuichi Miyagi

画像: Yuki Ito vs. Yuichi Miyagi

RIZIN MMA Rules 57.0kg / 125.7lb

Yuki Ito

Strong Points
Aggressive | Boxing | Left cross | Distance

Yuichi Miyagi

Strong Points
Experience | Reach | Grappling | Punch technique

Miyagi, one of the top fighters representing Okinawa takes on prospect Ito. Miyagi made his RIZIN debut with an electrifying KO and looks for his second consecutive win in the RIZIN ring. Ito can be an absolute beast when his body and mind are on point. Both fighters like to strike but Miyagi likes to mixes things up more. Ito is a great striker with devastating power in his hands as a Flyweight. How Ito deals with Miyagi’s transition from striking to grappling will determine how the fight will turn out. The key to this fight will be distance. However utilizes the distance in their favor will have the advantage in the fight.

Nisse vs. Moeri Suda

画像: Nisse vs. Moeri Suda

RIZIN MMA Rules 49.0kg / 108.0lb


Strong Points
Leg kick | Agility | Physical strength

Moeri Suda

Strong Points
Jiu Jitsu | Youth | Armbar | Aggressive

Okinawa’s Nisse makes her second showing in RIZIN. Her opponent Suda is a 17 year old Jiu Jitsu practitioner and Nissei’s striking style will be water and oil, so whoever fights where they want to fight will have the clear advantage. Suda has an aggressive personality and will constantly be looking for a submission from all positions while Nisse uses her footwork to find angles to throw powerful strikes. Suda has a good scramble but tends to struggle against physically stronger opponents. Another great fight in the women’s super atomweight division.

Hirokatsu Miyagi vs. Tomoki Yoshino

画像: Hirokatsu Miyagi vs. Tomoki Yoshino

RIZIN Kickboxing Rules 72.5kg / 159lb

Tanner Lourenco vs. Orihey

画像: Tanner Lourenco vs. Orihey

RIZIN MMA Rules 71.0kg / 156.5lb

Tanner Lourenco

Strong Points
Reach | Jiu Jitsu | Ground control


Strong Points
Striking | Aggressive | Kicks|Sumo

Lourenco made a great RIZIN debut by a bow and arrow choke in the last RIZIN event, and now faces a fellow Okinawan Orihey, who has a Okinawa Sumo background. Lourenco utilizes his long limbs to secure tight submissions once the fight hits the mat. Orihey has boxing, sumo and Judo to sustain his wild style. Advantage to Lourenco on the ground, striking advantage Orihey. Orihey has extremely heavy hips from his Judo and sumo background so Lourenceo will have to get creative on the takedown.


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