画像: +WEED presents RIZIN LANDMARK vol.2 | 大会オープニング映像 (冒頭2分)

+WEED presents RIZIN LANDMARK vol.2 | 大会オープニング映像 (冒頭2分)





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画像: Joe Ferraro

Joe Ferraro

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+WEED presents RIZIN LANDMARK vol.2

Mar 6, 2022

The Opening Ceremony at 7:00PM on March 6th (Sun).

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+WEED presents RIZIN LANDMARK vol.2 complete fight order

画像: +WEED presents RIZIN LANDMARK vol.2 complete fight order


Chihiro Suzuki vs. Ren Hiramoto

画像: Chihiro Suzuki vs. Ren Hiramoto

RIZIN MMA Rules 66.0kg / 145.5lb

Chihiro Suzuki

Strong Points
Aggressiveness | Punch power | Explosiveness

Ren Hiramoto

Strong Points
Punch | power | Combinations | Pressure

Hiramoto will finally be making his highly anticipated MMA return. Hiramoto possesses world class striking but he showed his lack of ground in his MMA debut and everybody is curious to see how much he has developed since. Suzuki started off his RIZIN career with a loss but has showed growth and patience in his following fights. How will Hiramoto deal with Suzuki’s storm-ish flurry of attacks will be the key point of this matchup. Hiramoto fighting under MMA rules is somewhat predictable, but MMA under Hiramoto’s style is intriguing and is something that we all are waiting to see. This is a highly unpredictable fight so let us wait with high expectations until the bell rings.

Shoji vs. Hiroaki Suzuki

画像: Shoji vs. Hiroaki Suzuki

RIZIN MMA Rules 66.0kg / 145.5lb


Strong Points
Striking intuition | Striking technique | Experience | Mentality

Hiroaki Suzuki

Strong Points
Striking Power | Physical strength | Striking technique| Technical defense

Shoji will be making his 4th RIZIN appearance and will be facing another striker. His opponent Suzuki has significant accomplishments in Shoot Boxing and made a spectacular MMA debut. Suzuki knows where he’s best at and will need to keep the fight standing by utilizing his physical strengths and striking abilities. Shoji will be able to dictate where the fight goes because of he is the more well-rounded fighter. Whichever choice Shoji makes, it will still be a hard option against the physically gifted and strong Suzuki. Witness the will of both fighters in this unique matchup that only LANDMARK can give.

Nadaka Yoshinari vs. Yushei Shirahata

画像: Nadaka Yoshinari vs. Yushei Shirahata

RIZIN Kickboxing Rules 52.5kg / 115.7lb (Elbows allowed)

Uoi Fullswing vs. Kuya Ito

画像: Uoi Fullswing vs. Kuya Ito

RIZIN MMA Rules 61.0kg / 134.8lb

Uoi Fullswing

Strong Points
Aggressive | Knockout power | Fullswing | Epic wars

Kuya Ito

Strong Points
Stamina | Pressure | Level Change | Heart

Uoi hit a grand slam in his last fight for RIZIN TRIGGER and brings that momentum to RIZIN LANDMARK. The slugger will be facing the extremely durable Kuya Ito. Both fighters have a unique appeal as professional fighters which makes this an intriguing matchup. Uoi has a short but devastating striking range and has several highlight-reel finishes on his record and looks for another home run in this fight. Ito utilizes his stamina and moves around to create openings and his durability helps him maintain his movement when hit. How will Ito deal with Uoi’s fast power punches and will he be able to take it.

Coro vs. Takuma Masuda

画像: Coro vs. Takuma Masuda

RIZIN MMA Rules 63.0kg / 138.9lb


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