Tokyo - July 30th, RIZIN had weigh-ins for this Sunday’s RIZIN.37 card.

SBC Shonan Beauty Clinic presents RIZIN.37 complete fight order

画像: SBC Shonan Beauty Clinic presents RIZIN.37 complete fight order

### Follow RIZIN FFYUSHI vs. Haruki

画像: ### Follow RIZIN FFYUSHI vs. Haruki

YUSHI (61.55kg):

“My opponent has a similar background as I do and he’s a good looking kid. I think this will be a fun, exciting fight performed by 2 good looking princes.”

HARUKI (61.75kg):

“I have more fights than my opponent has, and we come from the same amateur event. I’ve always wanted to face him and now I got my opportunity on the biggest stage in Japan.” “YUSHI was a famous male companion so I’ve always looked up to him and now I get to overcome somebody who I’ve looked up to.”

Hiroki Kasahara vs. Yusaku Ishizuki

画像: Hiroki Kasahara vs. Yusaku Ishizuki

Hiroki Kasahara (62.95kg):

“I was born with clubfoot and I was told that I would not be able to stand straight. I was picked on as a kid but after undergoing surgery and with dedication and hard work, I overcame my condition and accomplished many things in life.” “I want to inspire people with the same condition, and people with heavier conditions and diseases than me through my fights and keep proving that anything is possible.”

Yusaku Ishizuki (62.70kg):

“Many people have reached out and congratulated me for my participation in RIZIN, but I’m not here to just get on the card, I am here to win and I am here to stay.” “He’s on a winning streak and I’m on a losing streak, he’s got significant accomplishments and I don’t. On paper he should win, but I’m not going to let that happen.”

Ryusei vs. Kaishi

画像: Ryusei vs. Kaishi

Ryusei (57.90kg)

”RIZIN fans say now that Tenshin is gone, RIZIN doesn't need kickboxing anymore, but I'm here to change their mind.” “I think I have what it takes to become the next Tenshin, or even bigger. Watch me and you’ll know what I’m talking about.” “I know RIZIN does weird stuff and I’m open to all of that. Mixed rules, open finger gloves, bring it on.”

Kaishi (57.95kg)

“I work a full time job and consider myself a salary man fighter. This is a great opportunity for me to get a raise in my real job as a kickboxing instructor. I admire Satoshi Dominator Yamasu.” “My opponent is an undefeated prospect and is a great opportunity for me. A win against him would help put my name on the map.” “I expect him to be very aggressive, looking for a quick finish, but I will set the pace and distance to make it my fight.”

Vugar Karamov vs. Sora Yamamoto

画像: Vugar Karamov vs. Sora Yamamoto

Vugar Karamov (65.80kg)

“My opponent is very tough and beat Kyle Aguon, but he is not a threat, but if I do what I always do, I shouldn’t have a problem at all.” “The plan is to finish the fight a soon as possible.” “Watching Musaev beat the Bellator number 1 ranked fighter was truly inspiring. I look to climb the rankings in RIZIN and become the Champion.” “I had an opponent change but I am a well rounded fighter so I’m not worried.”

Sora Yamamoto (65.90kg)

“A short turnaround worked out well for me. My body feels great and I feel very good.” “I’ve always wanted to fight at the Saitama Super Arena so I’m extra motivated for this fight.” “My opponent has the highest finish rate out of all of my opponents so 1 mistake will cost the fight. But I need to keep fighting these kinds of fights.” “I have always been scared to face international fighters but now that I’ve fought Kyle, I realized that we are all the same human beings and there’s really no difference.”

Marcos Yoshio Souza vs. Daichi Abe

画像: Marcos Yoshio Souza vs. Daichi Abe

Marcos Yoshio Souza (79.60kg)

“Our team has evolved greatly and many fans have high expectations of our performances so I feel obligated to put on a good fight for my students.” “My opponent is a good fighter and his boxing and Judo is significant. He is a great opponent to show my abilities as a fighter.” “Satoshi and Kleber prepared me well for this fight so I am obligated to show the result of the time they spent on me.” “As a gym owner, the pandemic has put me through hard times for business, but my teammates doing well in their fights have inspired me to keep on going.”

Daichi Abe (79.90kg)

“This fight is a catchweight but for me weight is not too much of an issue, I just need to focus on my conditioning and I should be able to win the fight.” “My opponent is a great Jiu Jitsu practitioner and their gym is on a roll. I look forward to beating him up and to stop their momentum.” “I know where he’s good at, and I know exactly where I need to be at. I will utilize my strengths to not let him show his strengths.” “I tried to fight at Lightweight but it’s just too hard on my body. I will stick at Welterweight and keep winning to a point where RIZIN makes a belt in my division.”

Tetsuya Seki vs. Yoshiki Nakahara

画像: Tetsuya Seki vs. Yoshiki Nakahara

Tetsuya Seki (68.00kg)

“My opponent is a strong specimen and hits like a truck. I expect a fun, barn burner.” “I wasn’t able to put on a fun fight in my last performance so I want to put on an exciting fight, and get an exciting win.” “I took this fight on short notice but I am looking forward to an action packed fight without any stalling.” “Nakahara has fought internationally and has a good record. A win against him will prove my ability as a fighter and I have what it takes to face international competition.”

Yoshiki Nakahara (67.35kg)

“My original opponent caught a cold and had to back out. But I have a new opponent and I have a fight. That’s what matters.” “I’ve been training with the current Champ Ushiku along with Tsuyoshi Kosaka.” “I’m more of a counter striker but I’m always looking for that finish. Seki presses forward and is aggressive , and since this was a last minute matchup we both didn’t have time to come up with a game plan, so I think this will be a fight on our feet.” “ Sometimes it’s nice to fight without a game plan so that you can test your true fighting abilities.”

Yuki Motoya vs. Shinobu Ota

画像: Yuki Motoya vs. Shinobu Ota

Yuki Motoya (60.85kg)

“I’ve trained with Ota before and his wrestling was outstanding and he was physically very strong” “Everything he does in the fight leads to taking the fight where he’s most comfortable at. He’s still not a complete fighter but he’s extremely good at what he’s good at.” “There will be no stalling in this fight. I never stop moving, and he probably won’t stop moving.” “I can’t afford to lose this fight because of the significant experience difference. I want to fully take advantage of that aspect and finish him.” “I am being used as the gatekeeper so I will get past this opponent and show that I am a top contender in the division.”

Shinobu Ota (60.95kg)

“My opponent is a well rounded fighter at a very high level but if I enforce my strengths throughout the fight, I think I can break his will.” “This is definitely a step up in competition for me but if I can get through this fight, I think many doors will open up.” “Getting the win is the most important thing in this fight. I don’t care how it’s going to look, the plan is to show only my strengths and go for a finish if the opportunity is there.” “After this fight, other Bantamweights will not be able to ignore me. I will no longer be that former Olympian MMA beginner.”

Hideki “Shrek” Sekine vs. Tsuyoshi Sudario

画像: Hideki “Shrek” Sekine vs. Tsuyoshi Sudario

Hideki ‘Shrek’ Sekine (117.25kg)

“There were several times that this fight could have happened, but the timing just didn’t work out and we’ve ended up not fighting each other. I think right now is the perfect time, with the perfect storyline.” “He has beat many pro wrestlers that I work with, and for this fight, I will be stepping in the ring as a pro wrestler and avenge the name of the pro wrestlers he has defeated in the past.” “There are several types of suplexes that I have in mind. I will try to throw him over my head, if not, I might just trip him and take the fight to the ground.” “I will be burning my soul to the fullest in this fight. I’ve been through a lot in my life, and I am at a point where I am going all in for each fight that is put in front of me.”

Tsuyoshi Sudario (117.60kg)

“I would like to dominate Shrek and show that it’s the young generation’s time. He’s got a strong heart but I feel no threat from him.” “I have no more interest in fighting Japanese opponents, I want to take on international opponents.” “I’m the most ambitious Japanese fighter in the Heavyweight division and I am aiming at a much higher level.” “His sole weapon is his strong heart but I grew up in a tough family and traditional Sumo practice is absolutely grueling so I also have a strong heart.” “He can try to throw me but he’s instantly going to regret it.”

RENA vs. Anastasiya Svetkivska

画像: RENA vs. Anastasiya Svetkivska

RENA (48.85kg)

“I didn’t have too much information on my opponent so I have prepared to face a great, tough fighter. I will find out if she’s more or less the day of the fight.” “I had a great fight camp and I feel confident that I can get the KO win.” “It has been a while since I fought at Super Atomweight but I have been working with a new physical trainer and nutritionist so I feel comfortable at this weight.” “I really want to face the current Izawa, and I think I am the only one who has the abilities to beat her, but first I need to focus on my upcoming opponent.”

Anastasiya Svetkivska (48.85kg)

“I currently live in Kiev, but I had to travel to Poland first, then Helsinki, and then Tokyo. The entire process took about a week.” “My dear coach was not allowed to leave the country, but I do not want to make any excuses of not being able to perform at my best. I am a professional and will show my best performance despite the situation.” “My country is going through very hard times right now, but we are strong people. I want to win this fight and proudly spread my flag as a winner to inspire the people.” “I am here to win, I am here to stay.”

Kanna Asakura vs. Si Woo Park

画像: Kanna Asakura vs. Si Woo Park

Kanna Asakura (48.85kg)

“I’ve been training with Park up until April, so I have mixed feelings about this matchup.” “Park hits really hard and she is very strong. I know this is going to be a tough fight but I have a plan to get the win.” “I’ve spent a lot of time sparring with teenageers for this fight. I am prepared to go full throttle for the entire fight.” “I think nobody thinks I have the ability to win the tournament. I’m not under the spotlight for this one.” “I’ve changed my approach for this fight. I will fight to win. I will not fight not to lose like last time. I will be the one pushing the pace in this fight.”

Si Woo Park (48.95kg)

“I’m a bit nervous but excited at the same time, I just want to get in the ring and fight.” “I have trained and hung out with Kanna before, but this is business. A fight is a fight and she is my opponent.” “Kanna is a wrestler and she’s going to want to shoot in. People think I’m a striker but I consider myself a MMA fighter so I will fight wherever the fight goes.” “This tournament will be a good platform to evaluate my ability as a MMA fighter. To see if I have the abilities to aim higher.”

【Cancelled bout】Kota Miura vs.Felipe “King Hunter” Masoni

画像: 【Cancelled bout】Kota Miura vs.Felipe “King Hunter” Masoni

Kota Miura (65.40kg)

“I’m very excited to be fighting again, and my opponent is much more experienced than me so this will be a very challenging fight.” “I’m happy to be having some kind of a connection with Brazil, because it is a country that is something special for my father.” “My opponent may have the experience, but I have the momentum and youth. We both have what we don’t have in each other.” “He may have been studying my last fight but I have been evolving a lot so my last fight won’t be valid data.”

Felipe Masoni (65.90kg)

“This fight has been postponed twice, first was due to covid, second time was due to his injury. So I’m happy it’s finally happening so I can knock him out.” “My opponent is young and inexperienced. I have fought many times and have fought internationally. The difference will show.” “I am an aggressive fighter and am here to put on a show. I train a lot and have stamina so expect lots of movement.” “I know his father is a great soccer player, he has played in a Brazilian team so as a soccer fan, I know him very well.” “I spar for an hour at the gym so 3 minute rounds are nothing. This will be easy for me.”

Johnny Case vs. Koji Takeda

画像: Johnny Case vs. Koji Takeda

Johnny Case (72.00kg)

“My opponent is tough as nails and coming off of a loss and hungry for a win. He’s going to keep coming forward and try to close the distance.” “He will come in with big punches looking for that clinch, and I will be doing most of the defense, and moving my feet to stick to striking.” “Tofiq winning in Bellator just confirms that my losses are only from world class guys and I’m right there with them. I know my ability and right now I’m focused on racking up wins, and working my way back to the title shot.”

Koji Takeda (71.90kg)

“My mind is set. My determination is concrete. I’m ready to fight.” “Johnny is a very well rounded fighter at an extremely high level. I think he’s a better fighter than Spike Caryle who I just lost to. But I get better per fight, and I get better while I fight, so I have a good chance of beating him.” “I have an iron will and endless stamina. That’s my strength. I will have to utilize that fully to get the win against a very tough opponent.” “I always learn from my mistakes and come back stronger. Look forward to my performance.”

Hideo Tokoro vs. Makoto Shinryu

画像: Hideo Tokoro vs. Makoto Shinryu

Hideo Tokoro (56.70kg)

“It has been several years since I made Flyweight, and last time I had a horrible cut and couldn’t move at all, but this time I feel great and I am ready to get back in competition at Flyweight.” “I’ve been through so much during my career and every time when I look back at certain things I get so emotional. I know that I can’t go back in time, but I strongly believe that people can turn their life around at any age.” “It’s amazing how many world class grapplers Japan has. I’ve been training with the young athletes and I’ve been learning so much. Grappling has reintroduced me to the joy of competing once again.” “I feel like I’m a frozen caveman who just got thawed out. I know many modern fight fans have never seen my fights, but I want to get them excited and get to know me through this fight.”

Makoto Shinryu (57.00kg)

“I am very well prepared and ready to end a veteran’s career.” “I’m actually impressed that he’s still in the game at his age.” “He’s still a crafty grappler so I won’t be taking him lightly.” “I will constantly be thinking about how to finish him during the fight.” “I have a move I’ve named the MAKOTORNADO, I will look to show it during this fight.”

Ayaka Hamasaki vs. Jessica Aguilar

画像: Ayaka Hamasaki vs. Jessica Aguilar

Ayaka Hamasaki (48.85kg)

“I have no injuries and feel great, I am very much looking forward to this fight.” “My opponent is a well rounded fighter but I want to push the pace and continue to press forward.” “Megumi Fujii has fought Jessica twice, and she will be in my corner so I’m very comfortable headed into this fight.” “We were supposed to fight back in 2011 so this fight being booked again 11 years later, I feel this was destined to happen.” “I usually fight in black fight attire, but I really like my new look.”

Jessica Aguilar (48.35kg)

“This is a magical fight. So many storylines. It’s a bittersweet feeling but these are the fights that the fans want to see.” “This is just business. I have nothing but respect for Hamasaki and her team. I hope to have a beer with her after the fight.” “We are both well experienced and well skilled. I’m expecting a bloody, ugly fight.” “I would like to show off my Mexican boxing and get a knockout win.” “This fight is the dream fight for women’s MMA, and for the Atomweight division.” “I want to utilize the ruleset. The rules are so natural in a fight, I will be very comfortable with the rules.”

Seika Izawa vs. Laura Fontoura

画像: Seika Izawa vs. Laura Fontoura

Seika Izawa (48.50kg)

“I’m excited to be fighting out of the red corner for the first time in RIZIN. My hair is red, my fight attire is red and gold because I’m the Champion.” “My opponent is undefeated and has a good armbar setup. I have prepared for her well.” “I want to be the one dictating the pace for this fight, I cannot let her get comfortable.” “I am the Champion of this division and winning this tournament is a minimum requirement and I need to win it in style with fun, exciting fights that will get attention.” “I want to show that I can take on global competition and show that we can put on exciting fights.”

Laura Fontoura (48.55kg)

“I’m excited to show my performance to the world. Especially in the country I’ve dreamt about fighting in. ” “Izawa is a strong finisher and I know she’s hungry for the win. But I’m hungrier and I’m more dedicated to get that win.” “I want to show that I am a well rounded fighter, and I like to fight in the heat. The hot Japanese weather is good for me.” “I train with blackbelts, my husband, my father are both blackbelts. And I’m the only woman in my dojo. I know I train hard and I have the ability to win.” “I love the RIZIN ruleset. This will be the most enjoyable fight in my career.”

Top Bantamweight bout scrapped as Inoue withdraws from the showdown with Takizawa due to injury.

画像: Top Bantamweight bout scrapped as Inoue withdraws from the showdown with Takizawa due to injury.

Naoki Inoue was injured during practice and was diagnosed with a meniscus tear in his left knee for 6 to 8 weeks, so he was absent and the match between Naoki Inoue and Kenta Takizawa was canceled.

RIZIN.37 Doors are expected to open at 12:30PM with the Opening Ceremony at 2:00PM on July 31st (Sun) at the Saitama Super Arena.


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