OKINAWA -November 19th, RIZIN had weigh-ins forthis Saturday’s RIZIN.32 card.


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画像: Joe Ferraro

Joe Ferraro

Joe Ferraro(@JoeAFerraro

画像: Damien Brown

Damien Brown

Damien Brown@beatdown155

Fight #1- Ryoga Terayama vs. Hiroki

画像: Fight #1- Ryoga Terayama vs. Hiroki

Ryoga Terayama (54.90kg)

“I want to be the face of kickboxing after Tenshin leaves the sport”

HIROKI (54.50kg)

“My opponent likes to fight to win by points. I have the opposite style so I will make sure to not let him set his pace.”

Fight #2- Tarker vs. Sho Sekihara

画像: Fight #2- Tarker vs. Sho Sekihara

TARKER (57.70kg)

“I really want to put on a memorable performance and be brought back to RIZIN so I can fight the top guys in the division.”

Sho Sekihara (58.00kg)

“My opponent is a striker so I think it will be a wild brawl. I will beat him up utilizing all my MMA skills.”

Fight #3- Hirokatsu Miyagi vs. Lopez Satsuma

画像: Hirokatsu Miyagi

Hirokatsu Miyagi

Hirokatsu Miyagi (72.90kg)

“I’m very excited that such a big event has come to my home island Okinawa, I would like to show my abilities and show people that there are tough fighters here in Okinawa.”

Lopez Satsuma (72.85kg)

“My opponent is 20 years younger than me so I would like to bring the grittiness of an old timer.”

Fight #4- Shinya Kumazawa vs. Tanner Lourenco

画像: Fight #4- Shinya Kumazawa vs. Tanner Lourenco

Shinya Kumazawa (73.85kg)

“I plan to use traditional martial arts technique to finish the fight, so look forward to my ancient techniques.”

Tanner Lourenco (73.35kg)

“I want to finish the fight with a highlight reel. I want people to go back to the fight to watch my finish, a fight that will be talked about years from now.”

Fight #5- Nisse vs. Aira Koga

画像: Fight #5- Nisse vs. Aira Koga

Nisse (48.65kg)

“My opponent is a good striker so if she doesn’t run, I think this
fight will be a great slugfest.”

Aira Koga (48.30kg)

“I’m glad my opponent is willing to strike because I will make her regret it.”

Fight #6- Tomohiro Adaniya vs. Yuichi Miyagi

画像: Fight #6- Tomohiro Adaniya vs. Yuichi Miyagi

Tomohiro Adaniya (56.70kg)

“It’s been about 5 years since fighting in my home island so I’m very excited to be showing my fight in front of my hometown fans.”

Yuichi Miyagi (56.70kg)

“I’ve been in this for a long time so getting this opportunity made it worth all the time and effort I’ve put into my life. This made the people around me happy so I’m very grateful.”

Fight #7- Haruo Ochi vs. Tatsuya So

画像: Fight #7- Haruo Ochi vs. Tatsuya So

Haruo Ochi (56.85kg)

“My opponent is a local star and is a seasoned veteran. He is a well rounded fighter but I plan to prove that I am much better at every aspect.”

Tatsuya So (56.65kg)

“Ochi is one of my favorite fighters, especially because he knocked out my rival Mitsuhisa Sunabe. If I beat Ochi in this fight, that will mean I am a better fighter than Sunabe.”

Fight #8- Juri Ohara vs. Kohei Tokeshi

画像: Fight #8- Juri Ohara vs. Kohei Tokeshi

Juri Ohara (71.60kg)

“It’s been over a year since my last RIZIN fight, and I haven’t been able to finish fights lately so I plan to finish this one.”

Kohei Tokeshi (71.85kg)

“I know my opponent likes to scrap and calls himself a striker, but he will be turning into a grappler after I hit him once. ”

Fight #9- Daryl Lokoku vs. “Blackpanther”Beynoah

画像: Fight #9- Daryl Lokoku vs. “Blackpanther”Beynoah

Daryl Lokoku(71.75kg)

“I think he’s thinking that he can easily hit me but I’m going to show him that I can strike too. I’ll strike with him in the first round and then fight MMA in the second round.”

Black Panther Beynoah (71.85kg)

“I don’t predict fights because even when I do, the fight never goes the way I intuition lately oss”predict so I’ve been fighting with just intuition lately oss”

Fight #10- Bobby Ologun vs. Katsuya Kitamura

画像: Fight #10- Bobby Ologun vs. Katsuya Kitamura

Bobby Ologun (95.45kg)

“My opponent looks like the guy from the terminator. But he’s not allowed to use a gun.”
“I’ve been taking anger management classes but this guy acting like a little girl is making me angry.”

Katsuya Kitamura (110.80kg)

“I want to put on a heavyweight fight like the PRIDE days. I want to show the appeal and dynamics of the heavyweight fight.”
“I have developed a strong mindset from the pro wrestling days and a strong body so I hope I will be able to utilize these aspects.”

Fight #11- Mitsuhisa Sunabe vs. Yoshiro Maeda

画像: Fight #11- Mitsuhisa Sunabe vs. Yoshiro Maeda

Mitsuhisa Sunabe (58.05kg)

“I’ve been fighting professionally representing Okinawa for 20 years, so I feel obligated to perform better than any Okinawa fighter on this card.”
“The change of opponent worked out for me perfectly. I never thought that I would be fighting Maeda again. I’ve waited for this opportunity for 18 years.”

Yoshiro Maeda (58.35kg)

“I will play with the desperate Sunabe and show him who’s boss. On the other hand, if he hadn’t called me out, I would have not gotten the call from RIZIN. I don’t hate him at all, I think I actually like him.”
“I think we can show an old school fight. Something that the new fans have never seen before.”

Fight #12- Kouzi vs. Kazuma Sone

画像: Fight #12- Kouzi vs. Kazuma Sone

Kouzi (62.05kg)

“I do want to say something in the ring after I demolish this clown. But first I need to do my job and win.”
“People have been complaining about my headbutts, but they should just wear a helmet or protect their heads with a Yogibo cushion.”

Kazuma Sone (61.75kg)

“I will stand in front of him and trade strikes so I think this will be an exciting fight.”
“I was supposed to fight Kouzi during the K-1 days, I accepted but he declined. I’m glad he finally grew the balls to fight me.”
“His biggest weapons are headbutts, groin shots and trash talk.”

Fight #13- Rena vs. Miyuu Yamamoto

画像: Fight #13- Rena vs. Miyuu Yamamoto

RENA (50.00kg)

“The difference in our style puts me in a disadvantage if the fight goes to a distance so I feel like I need to finish the fight.”
“I heard that Miyuu will be bringing KID with her so I am prepared to be fighting 2 souls in the ring.”
“Miyuu might decide to retire if she beats me. I don’t want her to quit, and I want to keep watching her fight so I’m going to beat her again so she continues.”

Miyuu Yamamoto (49.55kg)

“I’ve done everything I could to win this fight so all I have left is to enjoy the fight.”
“I promised KID that I will get revenge against RENA. That time has come and I’m sure he’ll be there when I get my hand raised.”
“When we fought 5 years ago we were still green. But now we both have more experience and weapons as an MMA fighter so this will be an interesting fight.”

Yogibo presents RIZIN.32 complete fight order

画像: Yogibo presents RIZIN.32 complete fight order

Yogibo presents RIZIN.32 complete fight order


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