RIZIN.45 will be held on December 31st at the Saitama Super Arena.

Shinobu Ota vs. Ryusei Ashizawa (61kg - RIZIN MMA rules [5min × 3R])

画像: Shinobu Ota vs. Ryusei Ashizawa (61kg - RIZIN MMA rules [5min × 3R])

Shinobu Ota

画像: Shinobu Ota

Born on December 28, 1993/Height: 165cm/Weight: 61.0kg/From Aomori Prefecture/Affiliated with Paraestra Kashiwa

Started wrestling in the first year of elementary school, and during high school, won the Greco-Roman 55kg class at the Yamaguchi National Athletic Meet for Boys. After graduating high school, enrolled at Nippon Sport Science University and achieved placement in various tournaments. In 2016, participated in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics Asian qualifiers, progressing successfully and earning a spot in the main event despite losing in the finals to China's Wang Rumin. In the August 2016 Olympics, competed in the 59kg class, securing a silver medal in Greco-Roman style. Continuing his success, won the 60kg class at the 2018 Asian Games, securing Japan's only gold medal. Victorious in the non-Olympic weight class World Championship selection playoffs, he went on to win the World Championship.

Attempting to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics in the 67kg class, suffered his first-ever first-round loss at the All Japan Championship, closing the path to the Tokyo Olympics. Subsequently, decided to challenge MMA, a sport he had been interested in for a long time. Made his MMA debut on New Year's Eve 2020 against veteran Hidetaro So, losing via armbar and experiencing the harsh reality of professional fighting from his first match. Made changes to his training environment, began training in MMA from scratch under Hiro Tatsuya at Paraestra Kashiwa, and in September 2021, faced former K-1 champion Yuta Kubo in his second MMA bout, showcasing his growth and securing a victory in the comeback fight. On the same New Year's Eve, in his third MMA fight, faced career veteran Jumma Sano, dominating the fight and achieving a TKO victory. In May 2022, unexpectedly participated in RIZIN LANDMARK in a grappling match, demonstrating his high physical capabilities. However, suffered a defeat in the July event against veteran Yuki Motoya. In April 2023, at RIZIN LANDMARK 5, had a rematch with Kazuma Kuramoto after nearly 8 and a half years, quickly landing a punch in the first round for a KO victory and redemption. In July 2023, at SUPER RIZIN.2, defeated Kenta Takizawa by TKO, securing a two-fight winning streak. Originally scheduled to face Naoki Inoue at RIZIN LANDMARK 6 in October, the opponent was changed to Shoko Sato due to Inoue's injury. Despite fighting through the full rounds, he suffered a 1-2 decision loss, bringing an end to his winning streak. In this event, facing the MMA debutant Ryusei Ashizawa, he aims to secure victory and mark a successful comeback.

Ryusei Ashizawa

画像: Ryusei Ashizawa

Born on May 1, 1995/Height: 175cm/Weight: 61.0kg/From Yamanashi Prefecture/Affiliated with -

A fighter driven by the creed of engaging in all-out brawls, he made his professional debut at the age of 16 in MA Japan Kick and garnered attention as a promising newcomer with a flawless record of 9 wins in 9 fights. He gained experience in promotions like INNOVATION and New Japan Kick, achieving a TKO victory over Atom Yamada in the INNOVATION Featherweight title match in April 2016, becoming the champion. From September of the same year, he shifted his main battleground to K-1, where in 2018, he achieved a notable third place in the K-1 Super Featherweight title tournament. Subsequently, he experienced a series of wins and losses, and after a defeat to Ryuya Oiwa in the K-1 Ryogoku event in June 2019, he announced his retirement from K-1 and disappeared from the public eye for a while. However, he declared a comeback in September 2020 at K-1 DX, and in the December event at Ryogoku, he secured a comeback victory with a stunning KO against Kotaro Shimo-no. In March 2021 at K'FESTA, he suffered a defeat against Yuta Murakoshi, but in the K-1 Yokohama Arena event in September, he successfully avenged his loss in a rematch against Hirotaka Urabe. In February 2022, he faced Nishimoto Narufumi, boasting a 100% KO victory rate. Despite conceding an initial knockdown, he retaliated with a knockdown and achieved a come-from-behind KO victory. In June 2022, at "THE MATCH 2022," he participated in a match with YA-MAN wearing open-finger gloves, creating excitement with a pre-match press conference brawl, although he ultimately lost the bout. On New Year's Eve, he made a dramatic entrance with a Namazu dance, announcing his transition to MMA and participation in RIZIN. He immediately nominated Koji for his first opponent, and the matchup was officially confirmed at the press conference. He secured a unanimous decision victory in his RIZIN debut. In this event, making his MMA debut, he aims to showcase his striking skills against Ota Shinobu, seeking a winning start to his MMA career.

Rukiya Anpo vs. Minoru“Philip”Kimura (70kg - RIZIN Kickboxing rules [3min × 3R])

画像: Rukiya Anpo vs. Minoru“Philip”Kimura (70kg - RIZIN Kickboxing rules [3min × 3R])

Rukiya Anpo

画像: Rukiya Anpo

Born on October 29, 1995/Height: 180cm/Weight: 70.0kg/From Hyogo Prefecture/Affiliated with MFL/Member of team CLUB es

The fourth-generation K-1 WORLD GP Super Lightweight champion. Since childhood, he has achieved numerous accomplishments in karate alongside his younger brother. In the fifth grade of elementary school, he shifted to glove karate with the aim of pursuing K-1.He challenged for the Super Lightweight title held by Kaew Fairtex. After an intense battle that went into extra rounds, he secured a decision victory and finally achieved his long-awaited belt. However, dissatisfied with the match content, he sought a direct rematch with Kaew Fairtex at the Nagoya event in December. The rematch also went into overtime, but he emerged victorious in a closely contested battle, successfully defending his title for the first time. In the K‘FESTA event, he defeated challenger Fukashi by unanimous decision, securing his second title defense. In the September clash with Yamazaki for the third title defense, he suffered a left hook in the first round and failed to defend his title. He moved up to the Welterweight class and achieved a complete comeback by securing three knockdowns and winning against Koki in the July match. In the Welterweight title tournament held at the Yokohama Arena event in September, he knocked out Alan Soares in the first round and KO'd Riki Matsuoka in the semi-finals to advance to the final ending as the runner-up. In the December event he achieved a 1st round KO victory against Kaito. In April 2022, he defeated Playchumpon Sor.Srisomphong in the first round, securing another winning streak. In the June event, THE MATCH 2022, he faced RISE's Yamada Kosho and won by decision. In his RIZIN debut in May of the 23rd year at RIZIN.42, he fought against former K-1 champion Buakaw Banchamek, resulting in a draw after 3 rounds. In RIZIN.44 in September, he engaged in a verbal battle with Usami Sho Patrick before their kickboxing match. He secured a decision victory with two knockdowns. After the match, he appealed for a bout against Minoru ‘Philip’ Kimura, and the fight was confirmed. He aims to defeat Kimura and settle the score once and for all.


画像: Minoru“Philip”Kimura

Born on September 9, 1993/Height: 172cm/Weight: 70.0kg/Born in Brazil/Affiliated with Battle-Box

The 6th KRUSH Welterweight champion, and the 3rd K-1 WORLD GP Super Welterweight titleholder. He made his professional debut in 2010 and quickly built a reputation for his dynamic fighting style. From 2013, he began active participation in Krush, facing formidable opponents such as Ryuji Kajiwara and Hideaki Yamazaki. In 2014, he entered the K-1 WORLD GP, and despite a knockout loss in the first round of the -65kg inaugural title tournament, he had a remarkable upset victory in the following year against the tournament winner, Kaew Fairtex, securing a decision win after scoring a knockdown. In September 2016, he made his MMA debut in RIZIN but suffered a humiliating TKO defeat to Crazy Horse. In August 2018, he challenged and defeated Hitoshi Tsukakoshi, the Welterweight champion in Krush, with a first-round KO victory after scoring three knockdowns, claiming the title. In May 2019, he defended his title against Kaisei Kondo, experiencing a knockdown in the first round but rallying to score a knockdown in return and securing a second-round KO win for a successful first defense. In March 2020, he participated in the K-1 WORLD GP Super Welterweight title tournament, winning every match by KO against Kaito, Eder Lopes, and Hiromi Wajima in the finals. He not only secured the tournament victory but also claimed the K-1 WORLD GP Super Welterweight title. In December 2022, at INOKI BOM-BA-YE × Ganryujima, he faced Yusuke Yachi in a mixed rules match, winning with a first-round KO by left hook. In June 2023, at RIZIN.43, he faced Daryl Lokoku, winning by KO. However, he tested positive in the subsequent doping test, resulting in a No Contest. Despite this, he secured conditional approval for his participation in the current event and aims to demonstrate his true strength in the ring.

Tsuyoshi Sudario vs. Mikio Ueda (120kg - RIZIN MMA rules [5min × 3R])

画像: Tsuyoshi Sudario vs. Mikio Ueda (120kg - RIZIN MMA rules [5min × 3R])

Tsuyoshi Sudario

Born on May 13, 1997/190cm/115.0kg/From Tochigi Prefecture/HI ROLLERS ENTERTAINMENT/Affiliated with PUREBRED

From a young age, he was an athletic youth, competing with Rui Hachimura, who currently excels in the NBA, as a rival during junior high school, showcasing outstanding athletic ability. He entered the sumo world in 2013 as a twin newcomer at the prestigious stable of former yokozuna Takanohana, with high expectations for the future. However, due to disciplinary issues, he retired from the sumo world in 2019. After a change of heart, he decided to pursue a career as a fighter and successfully underwent a weight loss of around 50 kg. His MMA debut took place in September 2020 at RIZIN.24, where he achieved a TKO victory via doctor's stoppage with aggressive movements that defied his heavyweight appearance against Dylan James. On New Year's Eve of the same year, he delivered a calf kick to the legendary Minowaman and secured a TKO victory via referee stoppage with a follow-up strike. In March 2021, at the Nagoya event, he quickly defeated professional wrestler Kazushi Miyamoto in just 8 seconds of the first round, marking his third consecutive victory. Following this victory, he traveled to the United States for intensive training with heavyweight powerhouses. However, at the Tokyo Dome event in June, he suffered his first defeat against Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Shoma Shibisai, who applied a rear-naked choke in the third round. He returned to the U.S., sharpened his skills against top fighters globally, and then came back to Japan. In October's Yokohama event, he secured a victory in his comeback fight against SAINT. In July 2022 he returned to the ring against Sekine "Shrek" Hideki, winning the comeback fight with a ground and pound in just 53 seconds. On New Year's Eve, he faced Junior Tafa, a disciple of Mark Hunt, engaging in a striking battle but suffering a TKO defeat. In the April 2023 event, in his comeback fight, he faced Roque Martinez, leaving his opponent bloodied and securing a unanimous decision victory. Originally set to face former UFC fighter Todd Duffee in the September event, the match was rescheduled to October's RIZIN LANDMARK 6, where he triumphed over South Korea's Lim Dong-Hwan with a TKO victory. In this event, he aims to teach the Karate world champion about the challenges of MMA and continues his pursuit of consecutive victories.

Mikio Ueda

画像: Mikio Ueda

Born on May 1, 1995/187cm/120.0kg/From Tokyo/Affiliated with BRAVE

He began learning Kyokushin Karate at the age of 5 and dedicated nearly 20 years to rigorous training until he switched to MMA at the age of 26. Alongside his focus on karate, from the ages of 13 to 15, he also gained experience in judo and sumo through club activities. He excelled in karate from high school, achieving victories in numerous tournaments. In November 2019, he entered the 12th Open Tournament Karate World Championship, a world competition where Japanese athletes had historically faced challenges against large foreign competitors. However, he secured a remarkable victory, becoming the Japanese champion after 16 years. In April 2021, he challenged the toughest feat in Kyokushin, the 100-man kumite, showcasing his relentless pursuit of strength. He was acclaimed as the "strongest man in Kyokushin," possessing a combination of mind, technique, and physique, with beautiful sparring and graceful footwork. On August 31, 2021, he left Kyokushin Karate and announced his transition to MMA. Under the guidance of BRAVE's coach Kazuyuki Miyata, he underwent intense training and made his MMA debut against Tsuyoshi Kosaka at RIZIN.35 in April 2022. In his second RIZIN bout in June 2023 at RIZIN.43, he faced Hideki Sekine, known as "Shrek," and achieved a TKO victory with his signature kicks early in the first round, earning his first win in RIZIN. In this event, his third RIZIN fight, he aims to prove the strength of Kyokushin against Sudario, considered the strongest heavyweight in Japan.


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