Tokyo - April 15th, RIZIN had weigh-ins for this Saturday’s RIZIN Trigger 3rd card.

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Shoji Otani (63.50kg) vs. Rikiya (63.40kg)

画像: Shoji Otani (63.50kg) vs. Rikiya (63.40kg)

Shoji Otani (63.50kg)

“I admire Ernest Hoost and his combinations finishing with kicks. Watch out for my leg kicks.” “I don’t have too much information on my opponent but based off of his record, I think he hits hard.” “I want to show my physical strengths and mental strength that I developed in the Self Defense Force. I want people to know that there are many tough guys protecting our country.”

Rikiya (63.40kg)

“I started martial arts after watching Remy Bonjasky. He was my idol.” “I love to throw my left hook so keep an eye for that.” “I am honored to be fighting on this stage and I think this is an opportunity of a lifetime. I want to show the spirit of Murakami gym and how we fight with iron determination.” “This is a great platform to sell my name and I’m going to do everything it takes to stand out.”

Grant Bogdanove (71.95kg) vs. Takeshi Izumi (72.00kg)

画像: Grant Bogdanove (71.95kg) vs. Takeshi Izumi (72.00kg)

Grant Bogdanove (71.95kg)

“I don't think Greco Roman works too much in MMA, but anybody who competed in that level has that mentality to succeed in anything.” “He’s made the transition into MMA after he turned 30 and I’m not sure if that's a good move, but I will not take him lightly, I am well prepared for him.” “He's a great wrestler, but I have a background in wrestling as well so I think I have the advantage over every aspect”

Takeshi Izumi (72.00kg)

“I’m just very excited to be able to make my MMA debut. I have an iron mentality and will never give up. Watch my gritty and powerful style that will leave a great impact.” “I will change the stereotype that says wrestlers are boring. I will utilize my wrestling to the fullest, and entertain the fans with my wrestling.” “My opponent is a Jiu Jitsu blackbelt and it’s said that it’s a bad matchup for wrestlers, but if I want to work my way up, these are the guys I shouldn’t be avoiding.”

Tatsuya ‘Yanbo’ Saika (70.90kg) vs. Kimihiro Eto (70.75kg)

画像: Tatsuya ‘Yanbo’ Saika (70.90kg) vs. Kimihiro Eto (70.75kg)

Tatsuya ‘Yanbo’ Saika (70.90kg)

“I started Karate with the recommendation of my friend, my parents told me to do it because I was a wimp” “Right now I am an absolute nervous wreck. I’m not used to this type of big operation” “I wanted to be like Masato and KID and joined a gym in the neighborhood.” “My style is to strike and finish fights. I have a 100% finish rate and I plan not to change it. Look out for my right cross. I will entertain you.” “My opponent is a great wrestler and knows how to win a fight. My job is to not let him do what he wants to do and punch him in the face as hard as I can.”

Kimihiro Eto (70.75kg)

“My favorite fighter is Khabib and my go to move is the head and arm choke.” “I feel great physically and mentally. A lot of the time it’s my mental game that gets to me, but for this one I feel great and well prepared.” “My opponent is a pure striker but I would like to utilize my timing and wrestling to set my pace and not let him land any bombs.”

Shooto Watanabe (60.95kg) vs. Takuma Sudo (60.90kg)

画像: Shooto Watanabe (60.95kg) vs. Takuma Sudo (60.90kg)

Shooto Watanabe (60.95kg)

“This event is held in Chofu, the area where I used to work part time when I was still starting, so I feel destined to be returning as a RIZIN fighter.” “My opponent is a true Jiu Jitsu practitioner with vicious leg locks.” “I’ve seen all of his fights live and have been studying all of his fights so I will go in there with a solid game plan.”

Takuma Sudo (60.90kg)

“I used to be a baseball kid but after being introduced to an Imanari fight, I knew that this is who I wanted to be.” “My idol is Gary Tonon and I take pride in my style. RIZIN rules may work against me but I have no problem.” “I know that MMA fans like slugfests and exciting striking exchanges but I’m here to show the appeal of grappling. I can’t stand the fact that people think the ground game is boring. I will prove them wrong.” “I want to become a fighter where the crowd will go wild when the fight hits the mat. That’s the main reason why I fight in MMA. I want to show the greatness of Jiu Jitsu.” “My opponent is basic and I feel no threats from him. He can take me down and I’ll be super comfortable.”

Takaki Soya (57.00kg) vs. Nobuyoshi Nakatsukasa (56.40kg)

画像: Takaki Soya (57.00kg) vs. Nobuyoshi Nakatsukasa (56.40kg)

Takaki Soya (57.00kg)

“I’ve suffered several injuries and illnesses, but my motivation to live was to get back into this ring. But a real comeback is when you get the win.” “I’m focused on every fight in front of me because you never know what’s going to happen in the future.” “My opponent is a tough wrestler with good control, I want to avoid his wrestling and work my striking.”

Nobuyoshi Nakatsukasa (56.40kg)

“I used to be bullied but was inspired by Hajime no IPPO and started boxing. My high school didn’t have a boxing team so I started to wrestle.” “I used to be bullied. But combat sports changed my life. I want to inspire those who are not confident in themselves, that even a guy like me can turn things around and compete on the biggest stage in Japan.” “My father and sister in law are suffering from illness, and I hope to inspire them and give them hope to live with my performance.” “I come from an area where MMA isn’t popular so I hope to be the one to inspire the young athletes in my region.”

Masanori Kanehara (65.80kg) vs. Kazumasa Majima (65.90kg)

画像: Masanori Kanehara (65.80kg) vs. Kazumasa Majima (65.90kg)

Masanori Kanehara (65.80kg)

“I’m looking to put on a grueling, gritty 15 minute performance on my opponent. I will initiate the pace and dictate the fight.” “My opponent is a tough grappler and it will be up to him to see what kind of pace he wants to set in the grappling exchange.” “I’m confident in my abilities that I can beat him wherever the fight goes. Whatever he brings I can deal with it and will beat him. I don’t even have a game plan.”

Kazumasa Majima (65.90kg)

“It’s been a while since I fought in a cage, but I can utilize all my strengths in the cage.” “Kanehara is a true veteran and is a very accomplished fighter, but he’s been around for too long. I think it is my destiny to retire him in this fight.” “I know I’m not in the ideal environment to become the best fighter and I should move to the big city to get better, but I have a family and kids who rely on me so my style is to get better here, fighting and representing my hometown.”

Hideki ‘Shrek’ Sekine (115.05kg) vs. Takakenshin (133.45kg)

画像: Hideki ‘Shrek’ Sekine (115.05kg) vs. Takakenshin (133.45kg)

Hideki ‘Shrek’ Sekine (115.05kg)

“My opponent is big, strong and vicious.” “I don’t want to run from my opponent. I will take him head to head. I’m actually disappointed that he lost weight to fight me. He should have stayed heavy.” “The leader of our community and our division, Tsuyoshi Kosaka will be retiring the day after my fight, I want to put on a performance that will please him.”

Takakenshin (133.45kg)

“I want to be the baddest man on the planet and make money.” “I can’t wait to get in there and punch people with really bad intentions. I have never punched someone with full force so I’m very excited.” “This will be my MMA debut but I will enjoy every step of the way and crush my opponent.” My best weight in Sumo was 170kg but now I’m at 135kg. It makes life much easier. Japanese toilets are so small and I can finally sort of fit into them.”

Luiz Gustavo (70.75kg) vs. Yusuke Yachi (70.95kg)

画像: Luiz Gustavo (70.75kg) vs. Yusuke Yachi (70.95kg)

Luiz Gustavo (70.75kg)

“I consider Japan my second home and I’m here to stay and leave my legacy here like my idol Wanderlei Silva” “I have worked on all aspects of the fight during this time and I am a much more complete fighter than I used to be.” “I’ve seen Yachi’s past 3 fights but in my eyes he hasn’t changed at all. I will have no problem with him.” “Expect a war between us. I don’t care how long it takes, I will be ready to beat his face.” “I’m very happy to be back here. I love everything about Japan and I’m excited to show my fight to the fans.”

Yusuke Yachi (70.95kg)

“I’m very excited to be facing Gustavo. He’s the guy I’ve been wanting to fight again.” “My opponent is a very aggressive fighter and he takes the pace with wild punches. He hasn’t fought since the pandemic but people don’t change that easily.” “I want to show how Yachi can fight smart and take on international competition.” “I plan to dominate in every aspect and break his will in this fight." “The plan is to keep winning fights this year, and work my way back to a title fight early next year.”


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